Alternator for minicar

Aixam alternator support for Kubota Z402 engine for Vsp
This metal alternator support is used on aixam no-licence vehicles ( vsp) fitted with the kubota z402 engine.

Replacement time for this part is 0.2 hours.

Original part number: K198966442
10.35 € 10.35 EUR TTC
Aixam Kubota alternator
This aixam alternator for cars without permsi has been fitted to aixam since 1997.

Remember to check the condition of the battery and the alternator belt.

the recovery time for this kubota alternator is 0.2 h.

144.57 € 144.57 EUR TTC
243.27 € 243.27 EUR TTC
Ligier alternator pulley - Microcar
20.80 € 20.8 EUR TTC
Alternator Yanmar engine
Yanmar engine alternator adaptable to the following models:

Bellier Divane
Bellier Opale
Chatenet Barooder 1er Montage
Jdm Titanium
Jdm Albizia
Jdm Abaca
Microcar Mc1 - Mc2
Microcar Mgo 1

For Yanmar engines

T" alternator socket
144.57 € 144.57 EUR TTC
Alternator Yanmar engine new model
Alternator Yanmar engine new model adaptable to the following models:

Chatenet Ch26
Jdm Aloes
Jdm Roxsy
Jdm Xheos

With new connector
124.58 € 124.58 EUR TTC
Kubota alternator side output
Kubota alternator side output
188.76 € 188.76 EUR TTC
Lombardini alternator for jibs, progress and Dci
This lombardini alternator fits lombardini focs, progress, dci engines (442-480-492).

the replacement time for this part on a vsp is 0.5 hours.

Remember to check the charge of your battery.
123.76 € 123.76 EUR TTC
Lombardini Focs alternator support - Progress
Lombardini Focs alternator support - Progress
31.10 € 31.1 EUR TTC
Mitsubishi L2E - L2C alternator
Alternator mitsubishi l2e - l2c

Warning! check the assembly, as there are 2 possible models.
414.96 € 414.96000000000004 EUR TTC