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Aixam starter Kubota Z402 and Z482
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This Aixam Kubota starter can be fitted to Aixam licence-free cars up to 2016.

The replacement time for this part on these vehicles is 0.6 hours.

Delivery time is 24 hours.

In the event of a breakdown, check the condition of the battery before buying!

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Brand Model Serial number
Aixam 400 I 403TOUL
A 540 500TOUL
300-1997 VLGC33VBO
400-1997 VLGC34VBO
500-1997 VLGC45VBO
400-4-1997 VLGE34VBA
300 Evolution-1997 VLGC33VBA
400 Evolution-1997 VLGC34VBA
500 Evolution-1997 VLGC45VBA
500-4-1997 VLGE44VBA
500-5-1997 VLGF45VBA
Aixam A.721-2005 VLGK34VBA
Aixam A.741-2005 VLGK44VBA
Aixam A.751-2005 VLGL45VBA
Aixam Scouty-2005 VLGK04VBA
Aixam Crossline Vsp-2005 VLGK24VBA
Aixam Crossline Tqm-2005 VLGL25VBA
Aixam City S Z402-2008 VLGK34VBS
Aixam City Sport Z402-2008 VLGK34VBR
Aixam Crossline Z402-2008 VLGK24VBR
Aixam Crossline Z600-2008 VLGL26VBR
Aixam Crossline-2005 VLGL29VBA
Aixam Roadline Z402-2008 VLGK44VBR
Aixam Roadline Z600-2008 VLGL46VBR
Aixam Scouty Gt R-2005 VLGL09VBA
Aixam Scouty Z402-2008 VLGK04VBR
City Version 2.0-Vision 2013 VLGSV43RF
City-Sensation 2016 VLGUV53AF
Coupe V.2-Sensation 2016 VLGUV51AF
Coupe Version 2.0-Vision 2013 VLGSV41RF
Coupe_V.2-2010 VLGSV41AF
Crossline Gt R-Vision 2013 VLGST92SF
Crossline Gt-Vision 2013 VLGST62SF
Crossline_V.1.2-2010 VLGSV42AF
Crossline_V.1-2010 VLGST62AF
Crossline-Sensation 2016 VLGUV52AF
Crossline-Vision 2013 VLGSV42SF
Crossover Gt Version 1.2-Vision 2013 VLGST65RF
Crossover Gt_V.1-2010 VLGST65AF
Crossover Gtr Version 1.2-Vision 2013 VLGST95RF
Crossover Gtr_V.1-2010 VLGST95AF
Crossover Version 1.2-Vision 2013 VLGSV45RF
Crossover_V.1.2-2010 VLGSV45AF
Mac 300-1997 VLGC03VBO
Mac 340 E-1997 VLGC18VBO
Mac 400-1997 VLGC04VBO
Mac 500-1997 VLGC15VBO
Minivan 500-4-1997 VLGE24VBA
Minivan 500-5-1997 VLGF25VBA
Pick-Up 500-4-1997 VLGE64VBA
Pick-Up 500-5-1997 VLGG65VBA
Mega Multitruck 400-2003 VLGH64VBA00000001
Multitruck 500-2003 VLGJ85VBA00000001
Worker 500-2003 VLGJ75VCA00000001
Minauto Cross Minauto 2015 VLGSV42CF
Minauto VLGK34VBE
Minauto 2015 VLGSV43CF
Minauto Cross VLGSV42BF
Minauto Crossline VLGST92BE
Minauto_V.1.1 VLGSV43BF